I have so many goals for Rainy Day Girl Designs. So many big, crazy goals guys. But let's be real. I'm a mom to three little kids and I have a full time career as a Financial Advisor. Time is not an abundant resource in my life right now.  

So to combat that, I've started multitasking. You're all going, ummm, all moms multitask, duh! Well, I needed to go back to fundamentals to continue to grow and scale my business. So I started listening to podcasts from really successful women who own businesses. They all talk about their journey and the things they have done to make themselves successful.  

One of the common themes in the podcasts I've been listening to is asking yourself "What is my Why?". This means essentially WHY are you putting all this hard work into this business? WHY did you start this?  

After hearing it a couple times, I started thinking of my own business. It seems like the WHY should be so obvious, but when I had to actually write it down, it's harder to put on paper than I thought.  

But here goes.  

My "Why" is first for myself. I started this business for myself. As a mom I rarely get to do something that is just for me. I needed a creative outlet in my life. I needed a departure from a career that is rewarding, but also stressful, highly regulated and very straight forward. It doesn't mean I'm quitting my practice and leaving my clients. Very far from that. I just needed something that I could add to my daily routine that was just for me.  

Secondly, my "Why" is for my family. The money made from my business has allowed me, like so many other small business owners, to add a lot of fun extras to our life, like trips and adventures on the weekends. That time with my kids is precious. They'll only be little for so long and tomorrow isn't promised. 

In the end, when you define Your Why, you end up defining your motivation to continue working on your business. It's not always rainbows and roses. There is hard work to be done. Your Why will keep you focused through the tough days.