Last week I mailed and hand delivered the January Monthly Earring Boxes. This was the OFFICIAL first month of this new offering to my customers. I am happy to say that it went so well! I got great feedback from customers and was so pleased to see that everyone who ordered a January box was as excited about my earring pick for the month as I was. Check out my Insta Highlight, Monthly Earring Box, to see some of the reviews!

I want to share a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes when I'm getting a box ready each month.  

My goal each month is to create a pair of earrings for each box that keep you on-trend with easy suggestions for how to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe.  

Even though January isn't even over yet, I am already busy working on February's box and have selected two leathers that I am in the process of choosing from. 

Here's a look at my process:

First, I look at current trends. I research my favorite brands online, which I know are some of your favorite brands too from big box stores to local boutiques. I look at the styles they are putting out. I get a consesus of the colors stories across all of those brands and also the pattern trends. I also, interestingly enough also look at colors and patterns in home decor. Clothing and home decor trends tend to have some crossover with each other in my opinion. 

Next, I start looking for leather colors and patterns that fall into the 2-3 ideas I've gotten from the research I've done. This can take anywhere from a day to a week to nail down.  

Once I have my leather choices narrowed down, I start looking at Pinterest to see how the colors or patterns can be styled with outfits. I want the earrings in the boxes to be easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe. From here I start putting together the Style Card that comes with every box. 

This is the front of the Style Card from the January Box. 

Lastly, I choose the style of earring. I take into account the thickness of the leather to make sure it works for BOTH sizes of earings. I also take into account the impact I am hoping it has on the outfit suggestions in the Style Card. 

The Petals were in the All Earrings version box and The Lucys were in the Small Earrings version in January. 

Not familiar with the RDGD Monthly Box yet? Head on over to the Monthly Earring Box listings to check out all the details and FAQs. 

There are currently two boxes to choose from. The first is the All Earrings version that can have ALL different styles and sizes of the earrings I make in it. The second is the Small Earrings version. The Small Earrings version will only have the smaller size earring styles that I make; mini teardrop, studs, The Lucy, etc.

That's all for now! Let me know what you think below in the comments!